Why can’t Mike Holmes make it right?

I subscribed to the Holmes Magazine back in September 2011 and received two copies only. Since then I have contacted the magazine and Dauphin Media several times to get a refund without success. Holmes magazine does not or will not reply to emails. I was able once to reach them by phone and they told me to call Dauphin Media. Holmes Magazine no longer responds to phone calls.

Dauphine media does not reply to emails either. I reached them once by phone and they told me to fax them copies of my subscription invoice and proof of payment and told me that I would receive a refund. I did as required weeks ago but nothing has happened.  They no longer respond to telephone calls.

I desperation I contacted the Holmes Group but they have ignored me and I have never heard from them. My experience with Mike Holmes has been nothing but frustrating and a great disappointment. At this point I am angry and exasperated. I had expected something far better from him and his organization that has the motto “make it right”. It seems that he is neither able to make it right and has no interest in trying to do so. Shame on him and his company.

Does anyone know how to get him to pay attention?

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6 responses to “Why can’t Mike Holmes make it right?

  1. Two years, and I am still waiting for Holmes to make it right. His company claims it is not his fault, but just as he insists homeowners should fo their homework before hiring a contractor, he should have done his homework before entering the publishing deal. (I work in publishing.)

    • Bill Butler

      Hello David; Please read my comment of Feb. 18 2013. Give this guy a call and give him an ear full of your feelings toward this whole mess. Does everyone out there also know that the NFL(Yup the National Football League) did business with Dauphin Media and had them as publishers for their NFL magazine?? Only lasted a few issues also and they folded,same as Holmes..These folks are scam artist to the highest degree. Keep in touch and let me know how you do. Good luck

  2. Dale Cowger

    Holmes is all mouth and got to big for his bibs. We is a fraud and has no interest in anyone that paid for his magazine. He is only interested in spending the millions he made of the public. I would never watch, listen or buy anything with his name on it.

  3. Bill Butler

    Hello ,I also am a part of this ,,what I feel is a con job. Anyways I found out that Dauphin Media was tied in with Time Inc.(the publishers,not Time-Warner the cable providers) I contacted them by e-mail and also one of their legal people(and I cannot divulge their name) Lo and behold they called me back ,twice to give me names ans numbers,as they want a piece of Dauphins hide also. These are the attorneys doing the discharge and rebates. So here goes and good luck to all Please keep in touch and let me know how you make out with this mrbillb911@yahoo.com
    Laishley-Reed LLP
    3 Church St.
    M5E 1M2
    ATTN Chris Reed
    e-mail creed@laishleyreed.com
    Phone 1-416-981=9337
    Fax 1-416-981-0060

  4. gary

    No one responding to my request for refund either and cannot locate Dauphin. Mike Holmes is a fraud as he promised to do “something” and has done nothing

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